MUMC Fall Sermon Series

Stuff I Wish Jesus Hadn't Said

When Jesus says tough things, we want to water him down and tune him out. But at the core of Jesus' message are a ton of hard sayings about forgiveness, loving our enemies, money, and service. Let's look again at the Gospels and some of the life-changing "Stuff I Wish Jesus Hadn't Said." Sermon series starts on Sunday September 9th and will be available on our YouTube and Podcast playlists.

  • Pt 1: September 9th. "So I Can't Hit Them Back?" Scripture: Matthew 5:38-48 (NRSV)
  • Pt 2: September 16th. "But I Like Being Judgy"
  • Pt 3: September 23th. "Perfection's Not Possible!"
  • Pt 4: September 30th. "Please Don't Mention Money"
  • Pt 5: October 7th. "I Don't Do Crosses"