In the early 1800's the Methodist movement in Medford began with meetings in members' homes. A congregation was organized in 1821, and then in 1824, the first church building was built on Branch Street. In 1854, because of continued growth, a larger building was built; this building still stands as a community church in Medford Village.

As the congregation grew, many improvements were made to the original building, including classrooms, stained glass windows, and a pipe organ. When this building could no longer house the growth of the congregation, the church purchased new ground to enable growth.

Ground was broken on the Hartford Road property in 1972. The first service was held January 7, 1973. Our Sunday School soon outgrew the available space. A new addition was completed in 1982, with additional classrooms, a choir room, and church offices.

After more than 20 years in this building it was time to do some major renovations. A building committee was formed and goals set. In the last few years our steeple was removed and refurbished as the first step in an extensive renovation project. Also part of the project was the resurfacing of the parking lot, and complete renovation of the sanctuary, church offices, Sunday School classrooms, and the kitchen. Air conditioning upgrades and a new comprehensive fire system completed the project. In 2003 we completed a major renovation of the organ. In 2004 we added a new piano for the sanctuary and in 2006 for Bowker Hall.

A Building Committee is currently at work on the addition of a Family Life Center (multi-purpose space), new classrooms, new nursery space, and a new choir room. In May 2005, we began a Capital Funds Campaign (Let It Rise Among Us!) for the Family Life Center. Over $700,000 was raised in the initial campaign. In May 2008, the second Capital Funds Campaign (Let It Rise Among Us -2!). This is phase one of three phases building improvements. Another phase will extend and enlarge the sanctuary and narthex. The final phase will remodel Bowker Hall and other existing rooms.

We give thanks for all those people in the past who in service to God have brought us to this place where we find ourselves today. May we, like those who have gone before us dedicate ourselves to service that will take us and those who will come after us into the future as God's faithful people.

  • 2013 - Joseph Monahan, Kathleen Stolz
  • 2012 - Vivian L. Rodeffer, Marilus Rodriguez
  • 2011 - Vivian L. Rodeffer, Dawn R. Corlew
  • 2008 - Ernest C. Williams, Dawn R. Corlew
  • 2000 - Ernest C. Williams, Jana M. Purkis-Brash
  • 1999 - Ernest C. Williams, Karen M. Grow
  • 1997 - Robert W. Tomer, Karen M. Grow
  • 1994 - Robert W. Tomer, Eileen Murphy
  • 1991 - Layton P. Anderson, Eileen Murphy
  • 1989 - Layton P. Anderson, Wayne C. Richards
  • 1979 - Layton P. Anderson
  • 1977 - Eldrich C Campbell
  • 1966 - Harry A Seese
  • 1965 - George S. Geyer
  • 1960 - Sanford M. Haney
  • 1958 - Walter H. Beckwith
  • 1955 - Paul J. Myers
  • 1947 - William C. Howard
  • 1943 - Stanley G. McCleave
  • 1942 - Kenneth P. Stevens
  • 1938 - John B. Kirby
  • 1934 - F. Elwood Perkins
  • 1933 - J. Swain Garrison
  • 1931 - B. W. Luckenbill
  • 1928 - Wilfred A. Burch
  • 1926 - Charles J. Champion
  • 1921 - William Ewen
  • 1916 - John T. Richardson
  • 1913 - Joseph E. Simpson
  • 1911 - Joseph L. Roe
  • 1909 - Henry M. Lawrence
  • 1906 - John Goorley
  • 1905 - J. F. Heilerman
  • 1902 - J. W. Nickel