About our On-line Prayer Requests

Prayer is powerful! Praying every day is a mark of a good disciple. In our busy lives it is often difficult to share our joys and concerns with others...and tap into that power as we lift them up to God. While we are all connected through God, we can easily connect with each other through the internet. This web system allows you to pass your thoughts directly to the clergy without having to be at any special computer or have an email address. For those who are on the go with a connected handheld device, you can even bookmark this site.

The system does not rely on your email. The request is passed directly to the MUMC Office. You can submit a confidential request if you desire...we will certainly honor your request. The clergy take the appropriate action, whether it is passing the request to a prayer chain, lifting it up before the congregation or including it in our prayer concerns in the Sunday bulletin. If you desire to be contacted, make sure you mark the checkbox and provide clear contact information in the space provided.