MUMC Confirmation Program

Our Confirmation Program is offered to 8th grade youth* who wish to be confirmed into the United Methodist Church.

*Youth older than 8th grade seeking to be confirmed are invited to join this program as well.

Confirmation is not the beginning or the end of the faith journey; it's a step along the journey. In the United Methodist Church, baptism and communion are the only two sacraments (outward and visible signs that represent the inward, invisible acts of the Holy Spirit). Baptism is an act of God that initiates us into Christ's holy church, affirming and claiming God's acts of salvation, and giving new birth through water and Spirit. Confirmation is not a sacrament but more of a "right of passage" as young people make their own choices to grow in Christian discipleship. In today's United Methodist Church, the Service of Confirmation is the act of confirming what God has already done in baptism. If a youth has not been baptized as an infant or child, baptism with water is included in the Service of Confirmation. In the early Methodist tradition baptized members of all ages gathered in small groups regularly for accountability, outreach, nurture and spiritual growth; however, that practice has changed dramatically through the years. The idea of "confirmation" returned to the Methodist tradition in the 1960's. There is no single configuration for this process, and each local church determines what is most effective for the young people within their congregation.

For more information about the Confirmation program, please contact Pastor Kathleen Stolz at or call the church office.