Medford UMC Youth Covenant

As members of the Medford United Methodist Church Youth Group, we recognize ourselves as a community of Christ - each member is individual and unique and yet together we comprise a single body of Christ. (Romans 12:4-5) Each of us is a representative of not only ourselves and our Youth Group but also our families, our church, and the Christian faith.

We promise to ourselves and to each other always to be Open, Honest and Respectful. These are the cornerstones of the code we embrace. The following is a partial list of behaviors and actions we feel are representative of our covenant.

  • We will use our time together in Youth Group wisely. When we focus on the purpose of our discussions, we allow time for all the activities planned for the evening to occur.
  • Keeping in mind that listening is an active process, we pledge to listen to and hear what other people are saying. We will keep our minds open to other peoples' opinions. We want to be able to say what is on our hearts without fear of judgment.
  • We will be quiet while others are speaking. This same respect will be granted to the leaders and to the members of the Youth Group.
  • We promise not to gossip -- we will act in such a way that others feel assured that their personal information won't leave the confines of the Youth Group.
  • We will show respect for everyone even though we may not agree with what they say or believe.
  • Honesty is important to our group. We will not lie to or about one another.
  • We will not pick on or tease other members of the Youth Group; we want to create an atmosphere in which all people feel welcomed.
  • We adopt the Golden Rule and pledge to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Furthermore, in an expansion of that rule, we hope to treat others as they want to be treated.

Let no one look down on you because you are youth, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. (1 Timothy 4:12)

I understand that behavior that deviates from this code is distracting, demeaning and unfair to other participants. Consequences for violations will be directed at restoring peace within the group and regaining the proper focus for the activity. The goal of resolving each problem will be growth and learning through repentance and forgiveness. Any problems encountered will be handled within the group and by the adult leaders to the extent that this is possible. However, should a situation persist or become uncontrollable, the parent/guardian will be contacted and informed of the problem.