Junior High Youth

Jr. High Youth Group (6th - 8th graders) meets every Sunday night from 6:00 - 8:00pm for a time of fun and fellowship. At each meeting, the program starts with a fellowship/game time that is intended for fun group building and then moves into a discovery and discussion time. Every week's discussion centers on a topic that is relevant to pre - teenager's lives today. We will cover subjects like friendship, family, questions about living their faith, and our changing world. These discussions will challenge the youth to think about how they can live out their faith in their everyday lives. It is our goal for Youth Group to be a safe place where each youth feels comfortable asking questions and digging deeper as they mature and grow in their faith. We will end each meeting with more relationship building activities and games.

In addition to our weekly Youth Group meetings, we have many other events planned through the year. These events include Lock Ins, Retreats, Service Projects and Mission Events. Please review our Church Calendar found on the homepage of this website.

The Jr. High Director is Bethany Carl. For further information or to ask questions, please contact her at youth@medfordumc.org

As members of the Medford United Methodist Church Youth Group, we recognize ourselves as a community of Christ - each member is individual and unique and yet together we comprise a single body of Christ (Romans 12:4-5). Each of us is a representative of not only ourselves and our Youth Group but also our families, our church, and the Christian faith. We embrace this code as a promise to ourselves and to each other to always be Open, Honest and Respectful.