Bethlehem Blockbusters

We all love Christmas movies. And the best ones – even when they don’t tell the story of Jesus – still have a peculiar way of reminding us of what the season is all about. During this Advent, join us for a fun series that makes connections between your favorite movies and some of the big ideas of Christmas faith!

December 1st: “Elizabeth, Zechariah & Elf: on Joy and Fear” [Luke 1:5-15a] [manuscript]
December 8th: John the Baptist & George Bailey: On Hope [Mark 1:1-8] [manuscript]
December 15th: Mary, Joseph & The Santa Clause: On Peace [Matthew 1:18-25] [manuscript]
December 22nd: Jesus & Kris Kringle: On Love [John 10:22-32] [manuscript]
December 29th: Anna, Simeon, the Little Drummer Boy & Jack Skellington: Bringing What We Have [Luke 2:21-38] [manuscript]


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