Ooops, I made a mistake entering my contact information. How do I correct it?

Not a problem!  Just visit our Angel Tree Contact page and let us know what happened.  We can manually update the database.  We can... Read more

Can I use Amazon or other buying service?

If for any reason you are uncomfortable shopping in person and would like to order  from Amazon, Walmart, etc. and have your gift shipped,... Read more

What do I do to prepare the gift?

A couple things to keep in mind:  No wrapping! Wrapping or putting the gift in any  kind of special bag is unnecessary. However, it... Read more

Are there gift suggestions based on age group?

Choosing a gift for a child you don’t know can be hard.   Here are some recommendations based on the age groups we are supporting:... Read more

When is the last day to drop off gifts?

The last day to return gifts to the church is Sunday , December 17th. Read more

Where and when can I drop off my gift at the church?

You can leave gifts during Sunday services at or near the coat racks in the FLC or Sanctuary narthex. During the work week you... Read more

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