As Spring continues what Spring always brings, we see around the church that our garden plots need some tending. We certainly have a lot! While we have a contractor that keeps the grass short, having someone tend to the gardens/mulched areas throughout the summer has proven to be quite expensive. We would like to try this concept of having families sign up to care for the various plots we have on the grounds.

This should not be a weekly chore. We hope you can keep an eye on it over the course of the summer. We figure your family unit can maintain it at your leisure, whatever your schedule allows, in a social distanced sort of way. We will provide mulch and a wheelbarrow to haul it. You can bring your own gardening tools to do what needs to be done. If you have special ideas on what you might like to do with your plot beyond weeding and mulching, let us know and perhaps we can make it happen!

Can you help? Click the image on the right to get an expanded view of the various plots around the property, each of them is numbered. The status of the plots is in the column to the right. Once you decide on the plot you would like to support, enter your information below and you will be added to the team!

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