Ministry Evaluation Survey Questions

You are welcome to take this survey anonymously, and you are not required to give us your name, however if you would like to discuss your answers with a member of the task force, we will ask for your name later in the survey.

Participant Demographics

Worship Participation


10. In this next section, please indicate what Committees and/or Ministries you or your children have been involved in, and which are most important to you. Multiple answers to each may be possible.
12. In this section, please indicate how satisfied you are with the following church activities. One indicates very dissatisfied, and Five indicates very satisfied. If this activity does not apply to you, please note.

Fulfillment and Future Engagement

17. In this section, please answer how strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements. One star indicates strong disagreement, five stars indicates strong agreement.
18. Looking toward the future, should the church be putting less, the same, or more emphasis on the following. One star indicates Much Less, Three stars indicates its about right, and five stars indicates Much More is needed.

Wrap Up

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