Fri Sep 9-Discipline

Proverbs 10:17 (CEB)

17 Those who heed instruction are on the way to life,
    but those who ignore correction lose their way.


My coming to Christ was very different than John Wesley’s (the founder of Methodism). It wasn’t a “heart strangely warmed” but a slow development over time. It was formed out of habit in many ways. I would attend church regularly from 3 or 4 months old, I was very involved in volunteering at church, I took my prayer life very seriously from a young age. I looked up to the spiritual practices of those older and wiser than myself as ways to grow my own faith.

I tried many. I tried journaling but could never stick to it. I took meditation courses and always struggled with my wandering mind. Not every spiritual practice is for everyone – so thank goodness that there’s so many ways to practice our faith!

When I think about this in relation to today’s Proverb, I think about the importance of learning from others. I learned to pray and to serve others and how to participate in worship from those who have done those things. When we’re seasoned in these practices, sometimes we can take them for granted – but it’s not a muscle for everyone! As we desire to grow closer to God, we can see spiritual disciplines not as restrictions but as ways of learning and growing.

by Rachel Callender

For Pondering & Prayer

What are the spiritual practices in your life (if any)? What is one you’ve always wanted to try or wished you were good at? Who can you learn from?

Prayer: God of love, You have gifted us ways to practice and develop our faith. For that, we give thanks. May we desire a closer relationship with You today. Amen.

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