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Tue Mar – 26 Christ’s Death and the New Covenant

Bringing Transformative Change Read more

Mon Mar 25-What Comes After

After lament comes new life in Christ and the call to share the good news. Read more

Tue Mar – 19 A Process of Hope and Joy

Decide With Love or Fear Read more

Mon Mar 18-Overflowing Hope

By our faith in God we experience the overflowing of hope through the Spirit. Read more

Tue Mar – 12 What Does Love Look Like?

Lean Toward God For Tough Answers Read more

Mon Mar 11-Burdens to Blessings

God can turn community lament and burden into blessing. Read more

Tue Mar – 5 When Have You Needed To Surrender?

Saul Encounters the Risen Jesus Read more

Mon Mar 4-Timid or Powerful?

As disciples, God gives us a spirit that is powerful, loving and self controlled. Read more

Tue Feb 27-The Purpose For Proverbs

Relationships Require Honesty Read more

Mon Feb 26-Let’s Be Honest

It's not always easy to be honest with God. Read more

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