Proverbs 21: 5 (CEB)

The plans of the diligent end up in profit,
    but those who hurry end up with loss.


You might be interested to know that when one of us writes a devotional the scripture often is chosen to follow the theme from the pastor’s sermon or perhaps the lectionary. It isn’t something randomly chosen.

I mention this because my task today is to reflect on just one scripture verse. A challenge for sure but it turns out that is just what this scripture is talking about.   

I have borrowed from Matthew Henry’s Commentary on verse 5 in writing the next two paragraphs due to its fullness.

The way to be rich. If we are to live plentifully and comfortably in the world, we must be diligent in our business, and not shrink from the toil and trouble of it, but pursue it with care, improving all advantages and opportunities for it, and do what we do with all our might. But, that does not mean that rushing is appropriate. Don’t be hasty nor hurry yourself, or others, with it. Be balanced in life nurturing relationships, loving God and others, while moving toward a goal or goals. With industriousness, there must be a plan. Thinking ahead is as necessary as working. Forecast and work are both necessary. People who generally live as described above can be seen to have enough.

People who do not have enough may look back and realize they have been hasty, rash and inconsiderate in their affairs, not have taken time to think before acting. Becoming greedy and aiming to become rich using unjust practices or unwise projects can have led to poverty. Their thoughts and lines of action may have been focused only on them with no place for caring or loving.  

by Clarence Beverage

For Pondering & Prayer

I hope that as you have read this you have seen some reality, maybe it made you think of people who you think highly of, and it strengthens you on your journey. Perhaps you have felt bothered because someone just seemed unable to get out of their own way and you had wanted so much more for them. You may have thought of how a short piece like this can’t capture the parts of life that we can’t control and can turn life upside down. One thing we can be sure of is that this came from God’s Word and is meant to profit us in some way.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we pray for your Spirit to help us know that your Word can live and breathe in us and from that we can accomplish much. Help us to feel your love and through that, love others as you have always loved us. May we seek to be discerning using your Word as our guide. Amen