Wed April 10 – Little Is Better Than None

Matthew 14:31(CEB)

31 Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him, saying, “You man of weak faith! Why did you begin to have doubts?”


In the NIV version of the Bible the phrase “of little faith” is used six times, one in the Old Testament and five in the New. It was used four time in Matthew and once in Luke.

Being called “of little faith” must have been like when Jesus used a first name twice, like when Jesus said, “Martha, Martha.” It didn’t go well for her, and it didn’t go well for Peter. By the way, Peter’s name was used twice, when Jesus called him by his given name, Simon, Simon, in Luke 22:31. He said the devil wanted to sift him like wheat.

The thing is, Jesus can do a lot with a little faith.

I’ve always felt that Peter got a raw deal here.

His little faith got Peter out of the boat. I don’t recall any other Apostles doing it. They all were afraid. Peter was afraid but he did it. He got out of the boat. I wonder what if first thought was. I guess that’s one I’ll ask him in Heaven.

I find the dialog sort of funny. The guys are all a bit frightened when they see Jesus walking on the water, not to mention the wind and the waves. They cried out in fear and Jesus told them to take courage because it was he, himself.

Peter, who has a habit of sticking a foot in his mouth took said foot and got out of the boat and started toward Jesus. Easy Peasy. But then he started thinking, first, maybe how cool it was, but then he is thinking about the water and the waves—he took his eyes off Jesus. And he started going down.

That’s happened to me numerous times. I might think I am writing a good devotional, and I take my eyes off Jesus and, I start going down. My mind is empty. Hopefully I cry out, Lord save me. And with Peter’s simple even failing faith the Lord reached out his hand and caught him. My guess is he was starting to go under. But then he felt Jesus’ grip and walked a second time on the water, this this time with Jesus’ help.

Remember, little faith if better than no faith. It’ll get us out of the boat and then back again.

by Rick Reed

For Pondering and Prayer

I love these little vignettes, like the man whose son was inhabited by the devil, or when Martha got her priorities wrong. But Jesus can take my little faith and use it for good.

Prayer: Lord, once again I’m reminded of my little faith, and at times, no faith. But even when my faith seems gone, or it has vanished, don’t vanish, you don’t leave. I thank you for always sticking with me. Amen.

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