Wed May 18-Led by the Spirit

2 Peter 1:20-21 (CEB)

20 Most important, you must know that no prophecy of scripture represents the prophet’s own understanding of things, 21 because no prophecy ever came by human will. Instead, men and women led by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.


There’s one singular word that significantly stands out to me in today’s text: led.

“…men and women LED by the Holy Spirit…”

There are two Holy Spirit related phrases that you may have heard others, particularly Methodist clergy, say before related to this idea of being “led” by the Holy Spirit. First, we have the idea that the Holy Spirit energizes action. This is a specific theological stance contrasting previous ideas that the Holy Spirit made us do things. This very Methodist concept that is grafted from our Puritan influence and really focuses on that fire-feeling that the Holy Spirit ignites within us yet withholds our ability to decide to do something with that, or not.

The second phrase you may have heard, is the idea of the Holy Spirit inspiring something. This is very closely linked to the energizing idea. When we talk about being inspired by something, we speak of looking up to it or seeing it as a role model. That’s the idea here, that the Spirit has an influence on us, particularly when we look up to the Spirit.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit can be difficult to talk about or describe Often it’s easier to talk about God or Jesus. So, as we spend the next few weeks talking about the Spirit, I want to invite you to be led by that Spirit.

by Rachel Callender

For Pondering & Prayer

Think about each of these words in relation to the Holy Spirit: led, energized, inspired. Which speaks the most to you and your experience? What kind of season are you in with the Holy Spirit. What is the Spirit leading you toward this day?

Prayer: Holy Spirit, you are the breath within us and influence our lives every day. May we breathe deeply and follow your lead. Amen.

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