Month: March 2022

Thu Mar 17-Thirsting for God

Psalm 63:1-4 (CEB) 1 God! My God! It’s you—    I search for you!    My whole being thirsts for you!    My body desires you        in a dry and tired land,        no... Read more

Wed Mar 16-Anointed Ones

Psalm 105:12-15 (CEB) 12 When they were few in number—        insignificant, just immigrants—13         wandering from nation to nation,        from one kingdom to the next,14     God didn’t let anyone oppress... Read more

Tue Mar 14-Wrestle with Forgiveness

Psalm 105:7-11 (CEB) 7 The Lord—he is our God.    His justice is everywhere throughout the whole world.8 God remembers his covenant forever,    the word he commanded to a thousand... Read more

Mon Mar 14-Praise, Seek and Remember

Psalm 10:1-6 (CEB) Give thanks to the Lord;    call upon his name;    make his deeds known to all people!2 Sing to God;    sing praises to the Lord;    dwell on all... Read more

Fri Mar 11-Get Real

Psalm 27:7-14 (CEB) 7 Lord, listen to my voice when I cry out—    have mercy on me and answer me!8 Come, my heart says, seek God’s face.    Lord,... Read more

Thu Mar 10-Faith and Fear

Psalm 27:1-6 (CEB) 1 The Lord is my light and my salvation.        Should I fear anyone?    The Lord is a fortress protecting my life.        Should I be frightened of anything?2 When evildoers... Read more

Wed Mar 9-Seeing the Face of God

Psalm 17:13-15 (CEB) 13 Get up, Lord!    Confront them!    Bring them down!Rescue my life from the wicked—    use your sword!14 Rescue me from these people—    use your own hands, Lord!Rescue me from... Read more

Tue Mar 8-Surrounded

Psalm 17:6-12 (CEB) 6 I cry out to you because you answer me.    So tilt your ears toward me now—    listen to what I’m saying!7 Manifest your faithful... Read more

Mon Mar 7-Examine Our Hearts

Psalm 17:1-5 (CEB) Listen to what’s right, Lord;    pay attention to my cry!Listen closely to my prayer;    it’s spoken by lips that don’t lie!2 My justice comes from... Read more

Fri Mar 4-Our Connection

Acts 7:35-41 (CEB) 35 “It was this Moses whom they rejected when they said, ‘Who made you a ruler and a judge?’ and whom God... Read more

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