Author: Barbara Carlson

Fri Sep 22-Beyond Measure

God’s power and grace could not be contained in the small ideas that the Pharisees had created. Read more

Fri Sep 15-Score Keeping?

When we are focusing on all the ways we've been wronged, then true forgiveness is in short supply. Read more

Fri Sep 8-Return to the Mountain

It is our Lord who persistently forgives every kind of wrong. Read more

Fri Sep 1-Service in Action

Perhaps the real wonder is how God came into a messy and messed up world to heal and serve. Read more

Fri Aug 25-Like No One Else

It seems likely many believers think that they should also adhere to some idyllic and impossible model of Christianity. Read more

Fri Aug 18-Bless Us All

Imagine all the people of the world knowingly and constantly praising God with thanksgiving all the time. Read more

Fri Aug 11-Correcting vs. Encouraging

How many times do others think that Christians are so self-righteous? Read more

Fri Jul 28-From the Outside

Perhaps it is a common habit of Christians to think that we do know better. Read more

Fri Jul 21-My Faithful Companion

As God’s people, we need not worry that we cannot always live out every law to perfection, because this is not what God expects. Read more

Fri Jul 14-My Rock

The psalms are testimony to the changing nature of God’s people, and yet God loves us anyway. Read more

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