Author: Barbara Carlson

Fri April 12-Doubts Gone Wild

There are those times when we refuse to believe that things could ever be just as they are. Read more

Fri April 5- Redeeming Our Selfish Ways

We continually check in with God through prayer. Read more

Fri Mar 29-Jesus Knows

Jesus cried out with all the lament of his human heart. Read more

Fri Mar 22-Our Hope Remains

Knowledge shifts us, because in the end, we want to have hope. Read more

Fri Mar 15-Once and for All

Sometimes the moments we can’t forgive ourselves are the biggest barriers to an honest relationship with Our Lord. Read more

Fri Mar 8-Worry Warriors

We must remember that our worries and thoughts for the future are God's specialty. Read more

Fri Mar 1-Little Children

By comparing Christians to children, we are humbled to love as God loves. Read more

Fri Feb 23-Glimpse the Gamut

As we read Ps.22, we get a glimpse of the incredible gamut that describes all of human emotion. Read more

Fri Feb 16-Return Again

Peter's argument is cyclical: Christ died for us. We in turn want to be reconciled, cleansed by water and the spirit, to live a... Read more

Fri Feb 9-The Commandment

A true gardener would never squander what’s been planted. Read more

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