Author: Janet Waryck

Thu Nov 30-Behave as God’s Children

What is God Doing Because of You? Read more

Thanksgiving Day 2023

True Faith Does - Something - What Touches Your Heart? Read more

Thu Nov 16-Myths and Conspiracy Theories

The Need for Social Justice Read more

Thu Nov 9-Our Cloud of Witnesses

New Heaven and New Earth Read more

Thu Nov 2-Refreshing Generosity

Sometimes it is just easier to give money to causes that we think are important, but does giving money help to reinvigorate us? Read more

Thu Oct 26-Glimmer of Hope

Just as when we read a book, or look at a piece of artwork, we may get a different meaning from scripture depending on... Read more

Thu Oct 19-Rules vs. Grace

In our judgement of others, we can damage another person's ability to believe that God loves them. Read more

Thu Oct 12-Just How Much Is Too Much?

Jesus, Always Present and Guiding Us. Read more

Thu Oct 5-On a Mission

Where Can Discernment Come From? Read more

Thu Sep 28-Is Suffering a Privilege?

Nothing can separate us from God's love in Christ Jesus. Read more

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