We know that baptism is frequently a family’s first connection to our community of faith. As you consider baptism for your child, it’s important to us that you understand this as just a first step in a deepening relationship with Christ and the church. This is how we encourage families to think through this important decision:

Faith Commitment

Consider your own faith commitment. In our liturgy, parents vow to raise their children in faith among the people of this congregation. The congregation in return promises to help the parents do that. We take these vows seriously and know you do too. For this reason, at least one parent or godparent needs to be a baptized, practicing Christian. Think about this when you are choosing your godparents/sponsors. Make your choice based on who you believe will provide the best example of a living faith. You do not have to choose a godfather and godmother – you may only have one godparent, or two godmothers, two godfathers – or any number you choose.


If you have not already attended worship here, we invite you to come out to worship for a period of several weeks to see if this is the kind of church community where you can feel comfortable bringing up your child. While here, introduce yourself to either one of the pastors. You can find more information on worship here.