Baptism is the use of water to make a statement about God’s relationship to humankind. It is symbolic, but more than that, it’s sacramental – we believe there is something special happening here.

In the United Methodist Church, we baptize infants as a way of expressing one of our fundamental beliefs about God: our Creator wants a relationship with us before we ever even know it. In the sacrament, the water becomes the outward sign of the inward gift of God’s grace, love and forgiveness. Through the vows taken by parents, godparents and the church, we affirm the responsibilities all of us have for raising our children in a supportive community of faith. (Of course, we don’t ONLY baptize infants – you can be baptized at any age!)

Baptism is the start of a lifelong journey, and our congregation offers many opportunities for you and your children to grow in faith together: Sunday School, youth groups, music programs, small group studies, service projects and more. We are happy to connect with your family during this time of deepening faith and gratitude for new life.