Fri Aug 18-Bless Us All

Psalm 67 (CEB)

67 Let God grant us grace and bless us;
    let God make his face shine on us, Selah
    so that your way becomes known on earth,
    so that your salvation becomes known among all the nations.

Let the people thank you, God!
    Let all the people thank you!
    Let the people celebrate
        and shout with joy
        because you judge the nations fairly
        and guide all nations on the earth. Selah
    Let the people thank you, God!
    Let all the people thank you!

The earth has yielded its harvest.
    God blesses us—our God blesses us!
Let God continue to bless us;
    let the far ends of the earth honor him.


This psalm is a blessing that is especially comforting. “Let God grant us grace… let God make his face shine on us.” Night and day, I like to think of rays of golden sunshine, or soft moonbeans pressing down on me. Yet Psalm 67 is also a tender prayer that confirms that God’s grace is not just for me, but for all.  It’s not grace for some of the people some of the time, but grace that’s for all God’s people all the time

So as verse 3 says, “Let all the people thank you, God!” The blessing continues with thanksgiving that leads to jubilation and then, “let the people celebrate and shout with joy”. Imagine all the people of the world knowingly and constantly praising God with thanksgiving all the time. What a real blessing this would be! 

Selah. The exact origin of this word may be unknown but it is likely pausing in awe. In fact, “to lift up and exalt” is another probable definition of this word. So the psalmist reminds everyone. Lift up and exalt God! See, the earth yields its harvest. Let’s all give thanks and celebrate, for it is God who continues to bless us. 

And although God’s judgment is also mentioned as a part of this song, the psalmist offers a prayer of hope that declares God to be our constant source of guidance. The result is that people are made to worship their God, and yet we need many reminders. All the while, God’s nature is to offer us gentle but constant guidance and grace. Let us hope and pray that we may be continuous in our praise and thanksgiving however we can. It is God who really is our constant guide -the one who knows our fleeting ways and yet blesses us all.

by Barbara Carlson

For Pondering & Prayer

How might you be thankful for God’s continued blessings? Write your own comforting blessing of praise for all that God has provided. For me, the blessings within this particular Psalm 67 remind me of the gentle words of this familiar hymn:


The Lord bless you and keep you.

The Lord make his face to shine upon you.

And be gracious unto you.

The Lord be gracious, gracious unto you.


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