2 Samuel 23:2-4 (CEB)

The Lord’s spirit speaks through me;
    his word is on my tongue.
Israel’s God has spoken,
    Israel’s rock said to me:
“Whoever rules rightly over people,
    whoever rules in the fear of God,
    is like the light of sunrise
    on a morning with no clouds,
        like the bright gleam after the rain
        that brings grass from the ground.”


As I rushed home from work on Tuesday, I happened to hear the radio’s latest news about the primary election. I was thinking, “Oh no, I have to get to the polls and vote!” Then I realized that I was listening to election commentary that was about the Pennsylvania Primary. (For the record, New Jersey’s Primary Election is on June 6th.) Whew, there’s still time to investigate issues and to consider candidates. 

Later my daughter would ask, “How will I know who to vote for?”  Mind you, this devotional is not about who to vote for, or which political side deserves anyone’s support.

Yet as I consider this scripture, I am reminded about how often David saw the importance of God through tough decisions. In fact, David and the writers of 2 Samuel have assimilated how God’s people might look toward wise leadership. A healthy fear of God is good: “Whoever rules rightly over people, whoever rules in the fear of God, is like the light of sunrise on a morning with no clouds.” 

Colorful description aside, it is clear that a healthy respect for our God gives us clarity! It isn’t just about being scared of God, but about holding God’s presence and words with reverence and careful consideration. Perhaps by looking for God’s peaceful reassurance this is what should matter most to our leaders in knowing lasting wisdom and peace. Perhaps this is how any of us will know God’s light on our own spiritual paths.

by Barbara Carlson

For Pondering & Prayer

Like us, our leaders may not always hear God’s message clearly. But to look for the honest and respectful engagement from God is to help us seek and hear God’s wisdom.  How do you see the importance of seeking God in leadership? How does a personal relationship with God affect one’s ability to lead?

Prayer: God of our Leaders, please help them to seek and know your peaceful presence. Give them assurance that through your blessed reassurance, we all may seek creative and careful answers and solutions toward lasting peace and wellbeing. Amen.