Fri Oct 6- Looking Up

Psalm 121:1-2(CEB)

1 I raise my eyes toward the mountains.Where will my help come from?

2 My help comes from the LORD,the maker of heaven and earth.


Every time I read this scripture, I remember the Sound Of Music. (I know, I am a real sap when it comes to my favorite movie musical.) In the climax of the movie, as the Von Trapps are trying to escape the Nazis, the Reverend Mother quotes the King James Version of this psalm to Maria, reminding her that her help comes from far beyond just their human efforts: 

    “Remember:I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.’”

Ah, you have to love the Old English version. This is especially true when the scripture also evokes a fond memory. 

But I also love the King James Version, because it offers a second way of understanding this scripture. While the CEB version of the first verse ends with a question, the KJV instead ends this verse definitively: My help comes from the Lord. It is not a question. It is the affirmative. My help comes from the Lord! The maker of heaven and earth.

Perhaps the metaphor of looking up to the mountains helps remind us of the strength and steadfastness that is our God. There is something about looking up towards the heavens that inspires our hopes and prayers in the One who can hold it all. For me, it says the affirmative. It says that we are not alone and that our hopes and prayers do not just rest here on earth. Looking up to our Lord says that we continue to have faith because we know that our worries and concerns can rest with Jesus.

by Barbara Carlson

For Pondering & Prayer

When you pray, do you find yourself looking up or looking down?


Lord, I look up to you as the One who can hold all of my fears, hopes and dreams. More than I can ever know, you show me your strength and your steadfast love. I lift my eyes to the heavens, Lord because my help comes from you. You are the maker of heaven and earth.

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