Fri Sep 25-See the Footnote

Romans 10:11 (CEB)

11 The scripture says, “All who have faith in him won’t be put to shame.”


Twelve year-old me heard a Bible study leader say, “Raise your hand if you are unsure about your salvation. Are you sure you’re going to heaven?” I had questions so I raised my hand. I don’t know, I thought; are any of us ever really sure

I was led into another room where I was told to declare my commitment to Jesus, without really getting my questions answered.  Even today, the thought of this event is both embarrassing and frightening. The message for me was that I never wanted to put anyone on the spot like that, ever.

In Romans, we are reminded that we don’t have to feel challenged for our beliefs. We never have to feel shame about our belief in our Lord God, nor any shame for our questions. Because even as Jesus Christ lives as our example of faith in the world, there are those who understand our Lord God differently. 

Thankfully through this scripture in Romans 10:11, we are also encouraged to see the footnote. Here Paul references the Old Testament, from Isaiah 28:16, which spoke to the Hebrew people –long before Jesus’ birth. That verse encouraged believers to await God’s promise and not to panic.

Then following through the next two verses in Romans, Paul also tells that, “there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, because the same Lord is Lord of all…All who call on the Lord’s name will be saved!” Rather than decide who will receive salvation, we have to have faith that God will sort it out.

By Barbara Carlson

For Pondering & Prayer

We all know the Lord God in different ways. I think we can only speak about our own hearts for God.  Our Lord God knows the truth in our hearts. Otherwise, we need to cast aside our own shame and let God be the judge. How do we shame or judge (quietly or otherwise) others who hold different beliefs than our own?

Prayer: Lord God, only you know the truth in our hearts. Only you know the judgements that we speak quietly against ourselves and others. We are sorry for the times that we have caused shame in ourselves and others. We want so much to be closer to you and to only respond through love as the example of Jesus.  Help us to live lives free from the habits of shame that hold us back. Help us to do good works in your holy name. Amen.

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