Fri Jan 31-Glory in Humanity

Romans 15:7 (CEB)

7 So welcome each other, in the same way that Christ also welcomed you, for God’s glory.


Recently, I had an experience of welcome that was so simple and yet made me walk away feeling great. A service representative working at a window I’d visited nearly a month before immediately recognized me when I returned to his station. He remembered well enough, in fact, that he asked how things had worked out with the advice he’d given the last time we talked. I couldn’t believe that he remembered the detail of a single transaction that happened weeks ago, when I’m sure he’s processed hundreds, maybe thousands, of transactions in the intervening time. As I walked away, he said, “Maybe see you again next month!” And you know what? I hope I do! It was the simplest moment of human connection, but one I found oddly moving.

We notice when people notice us. We never forget how people make us feel. There is great power in even the simplest interaction – much more power than we realize. Most of the time we go through the motions of being human, not wanting to slow down enough to really notice people. It’s ironic, but I think it’s both scriptural and true – that when someone takes the time to really be human – what we’re actually experiencing is the glory of God!

Paul says: welcome people – just like Jesus welcomed you. Take a few extra seconds and say hello. Offer a kind word. Really listen. Smile and make eye contact. It doesn’t take much – just a few moments can turn the most mundane elements of our daily routines into occasions for experiencing the glory of God.

By Joe Monahan

For Pondering & Prayer

What does it feel like to experience God’s glory in a simple human interaction? How does the afterglow of that experience affect the rest of your day?

Isn’t that feeling a great gift you’d like to bless someone with today?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you have given us the power to bless others through our words and our presence. Never let us miss an opportunity to allow your glory to be revealed in and through us. Help us today to welcome others with the same love with which you have opened your arms to us. Amen.

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