Mon Sep 7-Steps Made Secure

Psalm 37:23-24 (CEB)

23 A person’s steps are made secure by the Lord
    when they delight in his way.
24 Though they trip up, they won’t be thrown down,
    because the Lord holds their hand.


Tracking the number of steps we walk every day has become popular for health reasons. Many devices have alerts that “nudge” you to get moving if you have been sitting too long in one place. If you respond and stay on track, you receive a reward that shows you have achieved your 10,000 daily step goal. Honestly, it’s not often that I achieve that lofty 10,000 step goal, even though I aim for it every day. The same is true with our spiritual walk. We get stuck in one place and need a “nudge” from the Holy Spirit, or we’re trying our best to stay on the path and follow God’s commandments. But when we trip and start to fall, God’s hand supports us and keeps our feet secure on the path.

Like a parent holding the hand of a young child unsteady on their feet, God is with us every step of the way. As children of God, learning to walk in love for God and our neighbor is a lifelong learning experience where we are guided by the Holy Spirit. Our steps are made secure because we “delight” in God. Our delight comes from loving and trusting God, waiting patiently for God’s guidance, and resting in God’s presence. We learn to love, trust, wait and rest each step of our journey by following the loving and compassionate ways of Jesus.

By Jeneene Reduker

For Pondering & Prayer

Some days we feel like we hit our “spiritual step” goals and some days we’re not even close. Not having a good day is where we to learn to trust, wait and rest in our Creator as God holds our hand tight while we go through the rough parts of life. God is holding onto your hand through your everyday walk, through this pandemic and when you leave this life to be resurrected to eternal life. No matter what comes, God has secured your steps and will never let go of your hand.

When in your spiritual life have you tripped and not fallen because God secured your steps or held you by your hand? Give God thanks for securing your steps and holding your hand. If you use a fitness tracker, think of God securing your steps every time it “nudges” you.

Prayer: Loving God, we commit our lives to you. We thank you for securing our steps as we learn to trust, wait and rest in you. We know that when we trip, your hand is there to steady us and that all through life’s journey, you will never let go. Amen.

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