Psalm 100 (CEB)

Shout triumphantly to the Lord, all the earth!
2 Serve the Lord with celebration!
    Come before him with shouts of joy!
Know that the Lord is God—
    he made us; we belong to him.
    We are his people,
    the sheep of his own pasture.
Enter his gates with thanks;
    enter his courtyards with praise!
    Thank him! Bless his name!
Because the Lord is good,
    his loyal love lasts forever;
    his faithfulness lasts generation after generation.


During this Thanksgiving week, we’ll reflect on some well-known scripture passages that point us toward gratitude. Psalm 100 is a favorite of mine – not necessarily because I like being compared with a sheep, but because something in its imagery resonates.

We feel a certain responsibility for creatures in our care. Most of us don’t have any experience with sheep, but we do understand what it’s like to have pets – maybe dogs or cats – who rely on us. Consider how much time, effort, energy (and money!) we spend on caring for the creatures we love. We take seriously our responsibility to look after their health, to love and protect them. We want our pets to be happy. Even as I write this, my spoiled dog is asleep on the couch next to me.

“We are his people, the sheep of his own pasture.” Throughout the scriptures, God is likened to a shepherd. A shepherd has a responsibility toward the flock. Knowing how keenly we feel responsibility for the creatures in our care, imagine how much more God cares for us – God’s very own creation! This week, let your knowledge of that loving care be a cause for celebration and praise.

For Pondering & Prayer

When have you been most aware of God’s care for you? How do you see God actively caring for you now?

Who is in your care that might need a little extra attention, grace, or love this week?