Fri Sep 13-New Songs

Isaiah 42:8-12 (CEB)

I am the Lord;
    that is my name;
    I don’t hand out my glory to others
        or my praise to idols.
The things announced in the past—look—they’ve already happened,
    but I’m declaring new things.
    Before they even appear,
    I tell you about them.

Sing to the Lord a new song!
    Sing his praise from the ends of the earth!
You who sail the sea and all that fills it,
    the coastlands and their residents.
Let the desert and its towns shout aloud,
    the villages that Kedar inhabits.
Let the cliff dwellers sing;
    from the top of the mountains let them shout.
Let them give the Lord glory
    and declare God’s praise in the coastlands.


When I hear new music on the radio, I’m sometimes struck by a strange thought: how is it possible, after thousands of years, to write an original song? I mean, in Western music there are really only 12 notes to choose from. And there are only so many topics to sing about. Aren’t most songs, in one way or another, about love? Somehow, though, we keep making music, combining the same old notes, same old chords, and same old instruments in new ways to create something new to take your breath away.

This phrase, “sing to the Lord a new song!” is full of expectation, full of promise, full of hope. Today is a day unlike any other that has ever been or ever will be. Though we work with the same basic ingredients that have been present in every generation: faith, hard work, divine calling, and the inspiration of the Spirit, we are born to do something new. We are created to sing a new song and tell a new story for the glory of God our Creator and Christ our Savior.

For Pondering & Prayer

What are some of the unique experiences, gifts, and abilities God has blessed you with? How do these things shape your life of faith and service?

What new song can you sing today? That is, what unique thing do you bring to the world to share your faith, serve others, or to show someone how much you love them?

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