Thu Jun 15-Respond to Jesus’ Voice Now

Hebrews 3:13 (CEB)

13 Instead, encourage each other every day, as long as it’s called “today,” so that none of you become insensitive to God because of sin’s deception.


The title of this devotion was stolen from the heading of Hebrews 3. Looking at verse 15 of chapter 3, we read, “Today if you hear his voice, don’t have stubborn hearts as they did in the rebellion.” This is a quote from Psalm 95:7-8, referring to the Israelites in the wilderness. We know that their rebellion cost 40 years of wandering and led to the deaths of many people in the desert. We also know that we can look at other scriptures, including Luke 9:59-62, where Jesus asks potential apostles to follow him, and people have things they feel they need to do first. Then Jesus turns them away – their responses come too late.

Have you ever gotten a feeling that you were supposed to call a friend or loved one to check on them? Have you ever seen someone when you are out and about and you just feel like you should smile or ask them how they are doing? When you followed through, did you find that that person really did need a kind word or a prayer or help in some other way? When you get a call or text about a need someone has, do you stop and immediately take time – even just that few seconds to pray for that person right then? I learned at some point that anytime I see an ambulance or other first responder to always say a prayer.

There are definitely those days when we are totally on top of things and offer help and prayers, and there are those days that we are the ones who need the help and prayers. But today, we are reminded to respond to Jesus’s voice when he calls. When the Holy Spirit prompts us to encourage someone, we should not put it off. Jesus is the Lord of “today”!

by Janet Waryck

For Pondering & Prayer

Who have you been wanting to call or visit but have put off? Is there something else the Holy Spirit has been prompting you to do?

Prayer: God of today, help us to see those around us and to respond when you tell us to move! Amen.

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