Thu May 4-The Injustice of It All

Psalm 9:7-10 (CEB)

But the Lord rules forever!
    He assumes his throne
    for the sake of justice.
He will establish justice in the world rightly;
    he will judge all people fairly.
The Lord is a safe place for the oppressed—
    a safe place in difficult times.
10 Those who know your name trust you
    because you have not abandoned
    any who seek you, Lord.


I feel like Joe would have said something about Star Wars today.  I only know the original three movies. 

As we think about verse 8 of this text – God will establish justice in the world rightly and judge all people fairly – do we ever question that?  Do we wonder why those we feel are “more deserving of judgement” are not punished more often? Do we feel that “our cause” is more worthy than “their cause”? Do we feel comfortable enough to question God about what happens to us and are we able to rest in the promise of these verses?

I have certainly felt that I wanted to question these verses about fairness and justice when I read the news and wonder why women are treated so poorly – not just in countries we consider unjust, but in our own country. I have felt this way when a fellow employee who I feel is not doing a good job is given special status by the executive director of my company, or when a person who has done what I consider horrible things is given the highest status, or when someone I love dies of cancer while someone else is cured of that terrible disease. In all of these cases, I have definitely not felt as if justice was served, but I have tried to remind myself that it is not my job/place to decide.  It is God’s and obviously I am not God. Oh, I frequently say “if I was in charge, this or that would or wouldn’t happen,” but when I think about it, do I really want to be in charge?  Of course not. I want to trust that God is in charge and will do what is best for the Kingdom here on earth and the Kingdom to come, even if I don’t feel it or can’t see it. After all, we are on the other side of the cross. We know what it means for us. Those who went through those times were not sure. They were confused and distraught about Jesus’ death, and just as they were promised that he would rise, we are promised in this Psalm that God will rule forever, and we have a safe place in the Lord even when we are feeling that the things that are happening to us or around us are not just. 

After all, some people are fans of Darth Vader and the Empire. Others of us are fans of the Rebellion. We may or may not be judged for that belief, but we know that we have a God we can trust in times when we are feeling that the world is not on our side. 

by Janet Waryck

For Pondering & Prayer

Remember a time in your life when you were feeling like you or someone you love was treated unjustly. What helped you deal with that situation? Did you ever change your mind about what happened when you look at it in retrospect?

Prayer: Lord God, help us to see you as a safe place in difficult times and to trust in your name at all times. Amen.

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