Thu Oct 15-Feeble Fear, Strong Faith

Job 3:25-26 (CEB)

25 Because I was afraid of something awful, and it arrived; what I dreaded came to me. 26 I had no ease, quiet, or rest, and trembling came.


Note: This week’s devotions are a series called “Faith Forward” written by Brian Harriett. If you’d like to write for us, please contact Pastor Joe.

The book of Job deals extensively in fear, suffering, and questions that ultimately result in renewed faith after Job comes face-to-face with God.

Did you know that, according to psychological studies, approximately 85 percent of what you worry about never happens?

I found that my family was more worried about me being deployed in the Middle East than I was. Maybe that’s because I pictured it as “doing my job/duty” while being present in the moment myself. Whether being shot at in Iraq, or working as a nurse or EMT during a pandemic is more dangerous I can’t say for certain. But I knew that if I followed my airplane checklist (God’s Word & Will) and adhered to my training (Holy Spirit Guidance) – I would not fail in fear but move forward in faith.

Bishop T.D. Jakes talks about Christ’s very real suffering and sacrifice in Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power (2019).  He writes, “we cannot celebrate the resurrection without lingering at the crushing of Christ on the cross. And Jesus was crushed in every way – physically beaten, emotionally isolated, and spiritually bereft.”

Jesus recoiled at what had to happen while praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. He trembled at the prospect of drinking the cup of sin and death but knew that following God’s will would comfort us when he was able to proclaim from the cross, “it is finished.” He knew that only from pressure and challenge would come our future faith and growth.

By Brian Harriett

For Pondering & Prayer

Can you think of a time in your life when immense pressure resulted in growth in faith? Is there someone you know who is struggling today who may need some encouragement to stay strong, rather than giving in to fear?

Prayer: Father, I rest wholly in the finished work of Jesus and celebrate it.  I have ceased from my futile efforts to earn or qualify for Your acceptance and favor.  I accept and receive restoration to the full fellowship of Your presence and a good life in the Land of Promise.” (Praying Grace, TBN, 2017)

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