Thu Sep 7-God Knows Us

Psalm 33:11-15 (CEB)

11 But the Lord’s plan stands forever;
    what he intends to do lasts from one generation to the next.
12 The nation whose God is the Lord,
    the people whom God has chosen as his possession,
    is truly happy!
13 The Lord looks down from heaven;
    he sees every human being.
14 From his dwelling place God observes
    all who live on earth.
15 God is the one who made all their hearts,
    the one who knows everything they do.


God made our hearts. God knows everything we do. From generation to generation, God is all-knowing and has a plan in place. We talked about David during last week’s devotion, and here he is again. Traditionally, David is considered the author of most of the Psalms. God knew that David had Bathsheba brought to him. She had no choice but to do what he wanted because he was the king. She got pregnant and David essentially had her husband killed when he sent him to the front lines of the war. This happened after David’s plan to cover up his bad behavior failed because Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband was an honorable man. God knew it all, but God had a plan that Jesus the Messiah would come from Abraham’s line and the house of David. God used a flawed David and will use a flawed (insert your name here) to accomplish goals for all humankind. We may not be the ancestor of someone who cures cancer or saves the world from climate change or is ancestor to the Messiah (that job was already taken, praise God), but God will use us – that is for sure!

When I think about God knowing everything, it can be a bit daunting because all of my unkind thoughts, my jealousies, and my anger are out there on full view for God to see. But it can also be comforting and healing because God truly knows me and accepts me. Another answer to the question of who God is: God is the one who knows more than anyone else does about us – nobody can know more – not our oldest friends whom we have told lots of secrets to, not our spouse, not our parents, or siblings because there are still things that we carry that we won’t share with others. But God knows and still wants us to be in relationship and still has a plan for us within the bigger plan for the generations to come.

Verses 20-22 of this Psalm say, “we put our hope in the Lord who is our help and shield. Our heart rejoices in God because we trust God’s holy name. Lord let your faithful love surround us because we wait for you.” We have this assurance because God knows all about us, and still loves us. We can trust in God because God trusts in us even though we screw up every day. God is our hope and our help that we can rely on, and we can help teach the generations to come that they can rely on God because God sees them, knows them, and loves them.

by Janet Waryck

For Pondering & Prayer

Is it something that comforts you or sort of freaks you out (or both) when you think about the fact that God knows absolutely everything about you?

Prayer: All-knowing Lord, comfort us with the thought that you know all about us because you want a relationship with us and want to use us to further your love and your kingdom here on earth for generations to come. Amen.

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