Tue Apr 25-Holy Resound

2 Chronicles 5:13 (CEB)

13 The trumpeters and singers joined together to praise and thank the Lord as one. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals, and other musical instruments, they began to sing, praising the Lord:

Yes, God is good!
    Yes, God’s faithful love lasts forever! Then a cloud filled the Lord’s temple.


Today’s scripture recalls an ancient time when Soloman was directing the completion of the temple in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah and dedicating it to God’s service. That temple was massive and had been built according to king David’s instructions after many, many years. When the temple was revealed, now it was time for celebration! The whole congregation of Israel assembled with Solomon in this massive holy space.  If you read 2 Chronicles, chapter 5, you can almost hear the powerful worship, as it crescendos with the resound of the trumpeters and singers. The unison of their music surrounds the worship space, giving rise to this symphony of sound and “praising the Lord:

Yes, God is good! Yes, God’s faithful love lasts forever!”

The scene further reminds me of the great cathedrals of the world. I have had the pleasure of seeing several great twelfth century cathedrals in Europe. The splendor of these places leaves one in awe, as your attention is drawn heaven-bound, with massive arches, inspiring artwork and commanding acoustics that provide a sense of true unity with God. There is something about the wonder of the holy spaces we dedicate for worship and the unity we find there. Although the grandeur of the modern churches may pale in comparison, I think also of several modern Methodist churches, especially our own Medford UMC, for our inspired music which actively connects us.

But the tiniest cathedral, that leaves me in wonder, has a small split-log bench and sits forgotten within the woods near my home. There, next to a stream in a clearing, amongst the rustling leaves and the swaying canopy, I sense the Spirit among the flora and the fauna. If you listen, you can hear a symphony of sounds in the wind, all creatures in unison, all for God’s resounding glory:

“Yes, God is good! Yes, God’s faithful love lasts forever!

by Barbara Carlson

For Pondering & Prayer

The sanctity of our holy spaces join us with the Spirit, and give us pause as we dedicate ourselves to God and one another. Often it is through our unity, the sounds of music, or artistry that inspires our greater connection. How does being in church inspire your connection to God?

Prayer: “Yes, God, you are good. Your faithful love lasts forever! Amen.

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