Proverbs 3:5-6 (CEB)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
    don’t rely on your own intelligence.
Know him in all your paths,
    and he will keep your ways straight.


How many times have we not trusted others because we decided we knew what was best? We don’t have all the facts, and we often rely on our own “intelligence” to our detriment. It seems that we have trouble with trusting and following those in authority. We don’t want to give up control because then it feels like we are giving up our power. Today we have so much conflicting information that we often don’t know whom to trust. When there seems no one we can trust, can we trust God with our whole heart?

Why do we trust God? Trusting comes from being in a relationship, and God calls us to be in relationship. We can pour out our heart to God night and day in prayer. We can sit in silence in God’s presence and wait to hear that still small voice of guidance. We have scripture that is a light to our path, helping us to keep our way straight. As children of God we know that God loves us so much that he gave Jesus to die for our salvation. God cares for us, abides with us through the Holy Spirit, and guides us throughout our lives. God’s love for us never fails!

By trusting God with our all our heart we acknowledge that God really knows what is best for us. Trusting God completely means we agree to give up our false sense of control, and this is hard for us to do. Like Jesus, we surrender ourselves completely, giving up our will, in order to do God’s will. Surrendering our lives to God is a daily, sometimes hourly, practice that is at the heart of Christian life. When you trust God with all your heart you can be certain that God will always love you and be with you through the really tough times in life.

By Jeneene Reduker

For Pondering & Prayer

Now more than ever we need to trust God with all our heart. The way ahead is uncertain and none of us has all the facts or a perfect plan. We can trust God with all our heart and not be afraid of what lies ahead. God makes the journey along with us and guides us, keeping us on the straight path.

What keeps you from trusting God with all your heart? What doubts and fears in your life keeping you from surrendering control to God?

Prayer: Loving God, we are trying to find our way through difficult times. We rely on our own knowledge rather than trusting you. Remove our doubts and fears so that we can trust you with all our heart as you guide us and make our paths straight. Amen.