Tue Aug 2-Prayer that Transforms

Matthew 6:10 (CEB)

10 Bring in your kingdom

so that your will is done on earth as it’s done in heaven.


When praying this petition of the Lord’s Prayer we may feel conflicted. Of course we want God’s Kingdom to come. But do we really want God to bring the Kingdom now? Maybe we’re not ready, or we’re not sure what this means or what effect this will have on us, because when we’re praying the Lord’s Prayer, we are praying that God will transform us and transform the world.

What does Jesus mean by God’s kingdom or the kingdom of heaven? Jesus uses both terms for God’s reign in heaven and on earth. It exists wherever God’s will is done, both within us and in the world.  So, God’s kingdom is already at work now and as the future culmination of God’s will. It was present in Jesus’ ministry and is present through the Holy Spirit that is at work in us, to bring the good news of God’s love and forgiveness to the world.

The Kingdom of God turns the world’s systems of greed and inequity upside down. The kingdoms of this world are the opposite of what God wills for us. Love, mercy, peace, truth, justice, abundance and healing are the fruit of God’s kingdom. This is why you may see the word “Kin-dom used to describe God’s kingdom; because we will all be “kin” to each other as God’s children united by the love of Christ.

We pray that through God’s will, the kingdom will come, and so we are asking God to replace our will, with God’s will. God’s will for us is to love God and to love others as we love ourselves. We are asking God to do God’s will in us. When we pray this, we are praying that we are willing to follow God’s will, not follow our own will. Each of us has our own kingdom where we impose our will. We pray this prayer so we can surrender our need for control, over to God’s loving plan. As disciples, when we surrender our will to God, we will we begin to see glimpses of the Kin-dom in each person and situation, just as God sees each of us, with eyes of love, forgiveness and compassion.

by Jeneene Reduker

For Pondering & Prayer

God’s will is for the transformation of the world and for the transformation of each of us. What kingdoms in your life do you need to surrender to God? Where do you see the Kin-dom at work in your home, at work, or your church?

Prayer: Loving God, we are willing to do your will, but we find it hard to let go of the kingdoms we have made in our lives. Transform us through your Spirit so that your will may be done on earth as it is in heaven until we are one Kin-dom in your love. Amen.

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