Tue Oct 12-More Trust

Jeremiah 32: 25-27 (CEB)

25 So why tell me, Lord God, Buy the field for money and make sure there are witnesses, when the city is under Babylonian control?

26 Then the Lord’s word came to Jeremiah: 27 I am the Lord, the God of all living things! Is anything too hard for me?


Today’s text by the major prophet, Jeremiah, comes from a long section called, “Nothing is to hard for the Lord”. The whole chapter waves between being triumphant and being disheartening: God can do wonderous things, things people never believed to be possible, yet it is people who kept messing it up. It makes me think of why I sometimes have a knee-jerk reaction to “God’s will” language – not to say that God doesn’t have a will or a plan, but it’s often used at times of great sorrow and suffering and the God I know deep in my heart would never create such suffering. That suffering is not part of “God’s plan”.

Just as the Lord says here to Jeremiah, nothing is too hard for God. God is constantly with us, trying to help us navigate the chaos of this world so that we may embrace our fullest selves. The world, though, suffers. God guides us towards the next door, but we panic, and don’t trust God enough to go through that door so we go through the one next to it instead, then God has to “reroute” again as we continually panic and allow that fear to guide us instead of God. Then we wonder where God is and why God didn’t help us.

Our God is Lord over all living things. If we could only fully embrace our trust and belief in that, then we would see with more clarity that nothing is too hard for God.

By Rachel Callender

For Pondering & Prayer

Where do you find the easiest trust in God, and where do you become much more reliant on yourself or the earth? What is different about those two things? Ask yourself what one thing is that you can do today to have more trust in God where you find it most difficult to.

Prayer: Lord of all, forgive us for the times when you were offering us an answer yet we wouldn’t listen. May your Spirit live in our hearts so that we may build more trust in you. Amen.

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