Mon Oct 11-All In

Genesis 18:14 (CEB)

14 Is anything too difficult for the Lord? When I return to you about this time next year, Sarah will have a son.”


Sarah laughed. I think we’ve all had moments like Sarah’s, where we’re thinking, “Yeah, right! That will never happen!” We look at a situation, make a judgement and sum it up by saying, “Well, good luck with that!” Of course we’re looking at a situation with mortal eyes and a mind bounded by the realities of earthly time and space. We’re not “all in.” Instead we need to see with spiritual sight, through the eyes of Jesus, to see what’s possible.

Sarah was childless all her life and was too old to have a child. She had given up hope, and didn’t believe it was possible. Like Sarah, life grinds us down, and we just aren’t wired to look for possibilities in what seems to be an impossible situation. We don’t believe in the impossible becoming possible, because we don’t want to throw our whole selves, body, mind and soul into believing in God.  We’re not “all in.” Why risk getting hurt? So we play it safe.

At the point where humanity gives up, that’s where God shows up. God calls into being what we as humans can’t do on our own. God doesn’t play it safe, Jesus was “all in,” He took every risk, mind, body and soul. He followed God’s plan all the way to the cross to die for us and save us. We just have to believe in God and step out in faith. As reborn children of the Kin(g)-dom, we are given spiritual sight to see the possible in impossible situations, and the grace to follow Jesus according to God’s plan.

In the series Ted Lasso, there’s a hand-written sign in the locker room above the coach’s office door that says “Believe.” At first some team members laugh at the sign, only the coach believes in the team. But gradually, one by one, the team members turn from self interest and doubt, to become a united and committed team who “Believe” that the impossible can be possible. Their vision is restored, they grow and change and their perspective shifts.

By Jeneene Reduker

For Pondering & Prayer

This year is the 200th anniversary of our Church. Since Methodists began meeting here in 1821, the mission of the church to “make disciples for the transformation of the world” has survived civil and world wars, civil unrest, pandemics, and challenges. In this time of transformation we believe that God is leading us to see the possible in the impossible for the next 200 years. We believe that God will “call into being those things that are not.” We believe nothing is too difficult for God!

Are you looking for the possible in the impossible with your spiritual eyes? Do you believe that nothing is too difficult for God? Are you “all in?” Put a sign up where you will see it, that says, “Believe, All In.”

Prayer: Loving God, nothing is impossible for you. Your love for us has given us eternal life through Jesus. Help us to believe and look with spiritual eyes so we can see you at work, making possible, what is impossible for us. Amen.

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