Tues Aug 30-God’s Love In Our Hearts

Romans 5:5b(CEB)

…the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.


Lately I find we’re arguing a lot between our heads and our hearts. Our rational head can talk our empathetic heart out of doing something good, just by saying, “It’s better not to get involved.” Our heads know, intellectually, that “God loves us,” but maybe we haven’t experienced God’s love for us in our hearts yet. Maybe life has worn us out and the love we felt seems distant.

John Wesley, Methodism’s founder, spent years as a failing Anglican priest until his transforming ‘Aldersgate experience’ where he felt his “heart was strangely warmed.” That experience left him with the assurance that his sins were forgiven, that God loved him, and his life was transformed by God’s love. From that experience of God’s love came the birth of Methodism.

We know that God loves us, because we have eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection for our salvation. But that isn’t enough, so God has given us the experience of the Holy Spirit within us, bringing God’s love into our hearts. As children of God, this love is a spiritual experience that brings us joy and transforms our lives. This divine spark of love is always with us, calling us into relationship with God through Christ. The more we seek God and follow Jesus, the more we grow in God’s love.

by Jeneene Reduker

For Pondering & Prayer

We’ve been hit hard by life’s circumstances and we may feel the divine spark of love has gone out, or we may feel stuck waiting to discern what’s next. When we go through these times know that God loves you and has poured into your heart, through the Holy Spirit, the extravagant love of God that transforms lives. Seek God, take time to renew your relationship. God is only a prayer away.

When was the last time you experienced the love of God in your heart? Take some time to sit in silence with God and to experience God’s love for you.

Prayer: Loving God, pour out your love into our hearts, through your Spirit, renew us, that we may be your transformed by your love. Amen.

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