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Tue Feb 27-The Purpose For Proverbs

Relationships Require Honesty Read more

Tue Feb 20-Have Trust and Confidence In God

We Are Not Alone Read more

Mon Feb 12-Through the Darkness

God is there in the darkest valley by our side. Read more

Fri Jan 26 -Trust with a Capital “T”

What will it take to really get her to trust me? Read more

Thu Jan 18-Decisions, Decisions

Calling Us Into Relationship Read more

Thu Jan 11-It’s in the Details

Calling Us Into Relationship Read more

Mon-Nov 27 The Perfect Gift

The tiny child in the manger is the perfect gift to us. Read more

Mon-Nov 20 Recipe for Joy and Peace

Are we missing any key ingredients? Read more

Mon-Nov 13 Wise or Foolish?

Are we following the wise path or the foolish path? Read more

Mon-Oct 9-God Marches Before You

No matter what you are facing, God is with you and won't abandon you. Read more

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