Thu Jun 22-Joyful Noise

Psalms 40:3 (CEB)

He put a new song in my mouth,
    a song of praise for our God.
Many people will learn of this and be amazed;
    they will trust the Lord.


One of my favorite verses is Psalm 100:1 which I learned as “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord all the earth.” I was taught from an early age that we could/should sing and shout to praise the Lord, which is a good thing because I cannot sing at all! My children make fun of my singing, but I have always used this verse in my own mind to justify my singing whenever I want. I am one of those people that kind of dance in the car while I’m singing loudly by myself. I do it if I am in a good mood, and it makes me feel better if I am having a rough day. My job entails a great deal of driving, so it can work out well. Psalm 40:3 reminds us that God gives us a new song to sing – a song of gratitude and a song of hope. No matter our circumstances, we can be grateful for something that God has given us, including hope that no matter what is happening, God is with us.

I don’t think this verse is meant for us to think that we should or can be happy all the time, but I do think it encourages us to praise God in all circumstances. That is our new song, and just like me singing in the car to improve my mood when I am angry, singing praises to God can help us be grateful and more faithful. The second part of this verse encourages us to share that new song of gratitude with others. Even when we are in the midst of something difficult, we can be grateful. Singing/music has proven to be healing in many different circumstances. Studies prove music can help us combat depression, can improve mood in Alzheimer’s patients, and can help us learn things more easily. Singing can be contagious. How many of us join along when we are at a restaurant, and they are singing happy birthday to someone? When we are watching a Disney movie, how many of us sing – especially to the ones that we grew up with or that we watched with our children 100 times? Doesn’t singing just make you feel better? That is what people will see – the new song in our hearts. They will wonder why we have a new song and be drawn in. Jesus can do that for us.

by Janet Waryck

For Pondering & Prayer

When was the last time you just belted out a tune at the top of your lungs? Give it a try and see if it doesn’t lift your spirits a bit!

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for music and for putting a new song in our heart and mouth as we praise you. Amen.

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