John 5:21-23 (CEB)

21 As the Father raises the dead and gives life, so too does the Son give life to whomever he wishes. 22 The Father doesn’t judge anyone, but he has given all judgment to the Son 23 so that everyone will honor the Son just as they honor the Father. Whoever doesn’t honor the Son doesn’t honor the Father who sent him.


Our God is the One who raises the dead. That’s the whole point.

If you don’t think you need a God who raises the dead…well, there may come a day you do.

It’s easy to get fixated on raising the dead as a very literal thing and then to rule it out, because of course the dead don’t rise. Then again, I’m guessing no one reading this has ever been dead – so how would we know anyway?

I believe – of course I believe – in a life beyond this life.

But even more important to me is to know that God can raise us to life no matter our circumstances, no matter our hurts, no matter our failures. That’s the real importance of Resurrection. That’s the real importance of Jesus.

This is the life-giving truth!

By Joe Monahan

For Pondering & Prayer