Wed Jul 10-Didja’ Ever?

Didja’ ever have one of those days? I surely have! When worry after worry seems to get piled on you… When one thing after another goes wrong… When one thing after another is added to the ‘to do” list… When you go to bed and cannot fall asleep because of things swirling through your brain… When those worries enter your dreams, and you cannot escape them even when you finally get to sleep.


Thu Jun 13-Created for Good

We’ve been reflecting on purpose throughout this series. We often think about purpose as something highly individualized, like a fingerprint – defined by unique interests, gifts, and experiences that are given us by our Creator. But this scripture also reminds us that…


Fri May 31-Adopted & Sealed

My 7-year-old granddaughter, who is adopted, stayed with us over the weekend. She lives about an hour away, so we had some time in the car to chat. (In the car is a great place to have serious discussions with children…

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