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Wed Feb 21-How We Know We Are His

And Avoiding Self Deception Read more

Wed Jan 24-Bread of Life

John 6:44-48 (CEB) 44 No one can come to me unless they are drawn to me by the Father who sent me, and I will... Read more

Wed Jan 10-Why Me

Calling Us Into Relationship Read more

Thu Dec 14-Family Gatherings

Our mission is to be the light bearers of Christ. Read more

Wed Nov 22-Lend Me Your Faith

True Faith Does - Something - What Touches Your Heart? Read more

Fri Sep 29-Gobsmacked

John 3:16 is the most well-known scripture of the world, perhaps because of its profound message of salvation. Read more

Mon Sep 25-We Are So Richly Gifted

An Event That Took Place Two Thousand Years Ago. Read more

Mon Jul 31-Our Hearts Rejoice

Seeking God's presence brings us strength and joy. Read more

Mon Jul 24-It’s a Trap

The legal experts were setting a trap for Jesus. Read more

Thu Jul 20-Friends Are Gifts from God

It is a strength, which means that every part of God’s Body doesn’t have to do everything. Read more

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