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Thu Feb 1-The Widow’s Mite

And Avoiding Self Deception Read more

Fri Jan 19-The Miraculous

We all think of some particular event when we think about the word, “miracle.”  Read more

Thu Jan 18-Decisions, Decisions

Calling Us Into Relationship Read more

Fri Dec 22-Extraordinary.

In so many ways, God wraps our ordinary moments with God’s extraordinary grace. Read more

Thu Dec 21-Not the Change I Was Looking For

Calling Us Into Relationship Read more

Wed Dec 13-Just Jesus

Our mission is to be the light bearers of Christ. Read more

Tue Jul 11-God’s Faithfulness-Unbreakable

It is a strength, which means that every part of God’s Body doesn’t have to do everything. Read more

Thu May 11-Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Mark 12:28-34 (CEB) 28 One of the legal experts heard their dispute and saw how well Jesus answered them. He came over and asked him,... Read more

Fri Sep 30-Miraculous, Bold Love

Mark 2:1-12 (CEB) 1 After a few days, Jesus went back to Capernaum, and people heard that he was at home. 2 So many gathered that... Read more

Thu Sep 29-Community vs Crowd

Mark 8:22-26 (CEB) 22 Jesus and his disciples came to Bethsaida. Some people brought a blind man to Jesus and begged him to touch and... Read more

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